Fred Kral, Photographer

I began taking photographs on the West coast of my native Sweden and I spent most of my life living near water, more than half the time in Bay Area. I like taking photos of thingscapes, waterscapes, landscapes, cityscapes, and single-species nature scenes. My compositions often use the elements of saturated colors and texture and the principles of symmetry, variety, and contrast. I endeavor to capture what other people don't see even though it's right in front of us.

I taught high school Photography, Physics, Geometry, and other courses from a variety of disciplines for 20 years. My photography courses ranged from a full-year curriculum to mini-courses on outdoor photography, contemplative photography, and the photography of water.

I live in the Bay Area.

Please contact me about photo assignments and about purchasing digital or printed images.

Contact: photo4 at fred kral dot com.